I love the F.A. Cup but it’s certainly lost some charm with players being rested and managers not taking it as serious as the league.

Here are my simple thoughts on how to revamp it.

Lower Team Play At Home

The names come out of the hat as normal, but whichever team is lower in the league on that day plays at home.
Premier League teams fans don’t want to play at home it’s just another extra ticket they have to pay for. I take this from a few Man U fans I know, they have to sign up for all cup tickets before the season so they are always happier when they get away games. Also, you can’t charge away fans more for tickets than home fans so both sides have to decide on ticket prices. This means that even if the big teams want to reduce the prices they can’t because the away team won’t want to cut their pay day bonus. The big clubs going to the lower leagues is what the FA Cup is all about.

Scrap Replays

Get it all done on the day. No need for the extra games, although I do like them. The big teams will take the 1st game more serious if there’s no get out of jail option. I know the smaller clubs will like an away day pay day but I think people want to see a result these days.

Last 2 Out Of The Hat Play At Wembley

In every round I would let the last two teams out of the hat play the game at Wembley. Might as well use the stadium more and it will be a great day out for whoever gets there.

Winner Champions League Place

Ok some will not agree but there has to be a larger prize for the bigger clubs. At least say they will play off vs the 4th place team in the league for the spot then?

What do you think? I think the 1st point is the easiest to put in place and will enhance the magic of the cup.

Let me know what your thoughts, these have been mine for a while and I thought I’d just write them down to see where others were at with the greatest Cup tournament in the world.

Cheers for reading.


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