Why People Really Don’t Like Golf – The Art Of Fore!

Ok after the funky dress code, the money and the arsehole members that don’t let you play through – this is why I really think people hate golf.

Measure, Measure, Measure…

We hate being measured. We have ever since we were kids.
Who liked exams in school? Who liked being given a grade?
Ok probably the nerds that were winning but for the rest of us nobody.

Golf measures everything you do.
Total Shots
Total Putts
Greens Hit In Regulation
Fairways Hit In Regulation
Length Of Shot For Every Shot
Score vs Last Week
Score vs Last Year
Score vs every other golfer in the world.
And the list goes on.

No other game in the world has this measuring capability.

You walk into a bar and talk to someone who plays golf and in 3 simple words you can tell how good they are and how you stack up against them “what’s your handicap?”

You have to learn to love the measurements. To use them to your advantage.
Do you want to improve or bum around at a certain level kicking stones and pretending it doesn’t matter?

What Golf can’t measure, only you can though. Is your attitude. Your belief. Your motivation. Your health.

You monitor these things internally. And ironically these are the most important things in golf to get the measurements above better.

Golf can’t measure one thing – How do you feel?

When you master the feel and belief then there’s nothing you can’t do.
Scores will drive you into the floor if that is the only thing making you feel crap.

Look around, smell the fresh air, enjoy playing with your mates, have a laugh.
How does that make you feel?

Watch as the gratitude relaxes you and by no coincidence the golf ball starts to go where you want it to.

So, don’t hate on golf if you came here wondering why you do hate it. Just go out and enjoy it.

And if you love golf and the measurements great. I’m sure the feeling it brings is much better than the score itself.

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