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Getting Started with Zoho Mail

Email Hosting with Zoho

Is there an option to view unread emails in a particular folder or across all folders?

How do I send attachments in Google Docs account?

How do I add my attachments to Zoho Docs?

What is the Reader View in Zoho Mail?


Sending Emails

Is there an option to remind the recipients about an email, after a fixed interval?

How do I create a template?

Is there a way to know if the email that I’ve sent has been read?

How do I set the priority for the email that I’m sending?

How do I insert a saved template in the email composer?


IMAP and POP Clients in Desktop or Mobile

Authentication Error during Outlook/ iPhone IMAP Configuration.

How do I enable/ disable IMAP/ POP access?

How can I configure Zoho Mail in Outlook?

How do I configure Zoho Mail as IMAP in my device’s native email client?

Does Zoho Mail support IMAP Access?


Mail Add On

Can I associate Tasks/Notes with a specific CRM contact from inside Zoho Mail?

What are Incoming and Outgoing server settings?

Can I add a contact/ email address to Zoho CRM Contacts directly from email?

Can I change the frequency at which my POP Account is being checked for new mail?

Server returned error [Auth] Web Login Required - Gmail POP3 error.


Email Migration from Previous Email Provider

Why are my calendar details not getting migrated to Zoho Mail?

Do I choose the POP or IMAP protocol for migrating to Zoho Mail?

How can I upload the account details of multiple users while migrating using the POP or IMAP option?

Can I migrate my calendar and contacts data from previous email provider to Zoho Mail?

How long does it take for the migration process to be completed?


Mail Account Settings

How do I set up a vacation reply for my account?

What is meant by Auto response interval?

Does archiving emails clear up my inbox space?

Why are some of my old emails archived without me archiving them?

How can I retrieve mails from my other accounts in Zoho?


Sign up/ Profile

How do I recover my email account, in case I’ve forgotten the password?

Where should I change my Time Zone?

How do I change the login password for Zoho?


Spam mails come into my Inbox. How can I stop them?

Are my attachments scanned for Virus automatically?


Is it possible to classify my bookmarks into different categories?

What are Bookmarks?

How can I export Bookmarks as HTML file?

How can I create a new Bookmark?

Can I save and share a collection of Bookmarks with my team members?



How do I add an email as a task directly?

Can I add an email as task directly to my Zoho Projects portal?

How do I change the assignee in a specific task?

If I’ve added a Task from an email, can I view the related email from the Tasks view?

Can the tasks listed in my Zoho Projects portals be viewed within my mailbox?



Can I embed an image in a Note ?

Is there an option to add attachment in a Note?

Can I create a Note from an email content?

Can I send a Note as an Email ?

Is there an integrated note taking application with Zoho Mail, to save some ideas or random notes.

Conversation Views

How do I view the emails in the sent folder as conversations?

Can I manage conversation views for a particular folder?

Can I change the order in which the emails are displayed in Conversation Views?

Is there a way to view the emails in a normal view, without threads?

Some email appear as unread, but all emails are read in the folder.

Organizing email

Is it possible to view all the emails that contain attachments from a particular folder?

In the email listing page, can I view my oldest emails on top?

How do I move my emails from one folder to another?

What is the difference between the ‘Write’ and the ‘Delegate’ options in Folder Sharing?

How can I set my preferences to view only the Subject of the message in the listing?



How do I create a group calendar?

Is it possible to share my calendar with a non Zoho user?

Can I sync my Zoho CRM events with my Zoho Calendar?

Are the Calendar’s Day light Saving times adjusted as per my timezone?

Can I share my calendar with another user?



How do I favourite a Streams post?

What are the different layouts available in Streams?

How do I enable streams for my Groups?

Can I start a chat with all the members of a Streams Group?

How do I mark all the posts in a group as read?



Can I change the chosen email address of a user?

How do I create a group in Zoho Mail?

How do I create a group email id in Zoho Mail?

Can I configure more than one email address for a single user?

Can I disable specific services for users?


POP Accounts

Can I access my other mail accounts in Zoho mail?

My account is not retrieving emails from Gmail POP3

Why am I getting an authentication failure while adding my external POP accounts?

How do I change to ‘Recent’ mode in POP settings

There is a delay in Mail Fetch inside my POP account in Zoho


Email Forwarding

What is email forwarding?

What is the maximum limit for email forwarding?

I have enabled Email Forwarding but I am not receiving mails in my forwarded address.

How do I enable email forwarding for an account?