ZOHO Limitations

ZOHO has a great product and they are off to a great start. My challenge/frustration is finding workarounds for the times that they are just off the target. Example: In ZOHO Desk each Department is its own identity and the only way to see all departments in on one screen is to use the All Departments view. However, All Departments view is not customization While all other views are customizable. the views in All Departments do not give the information needed triage at a glance. Example 2 ZOHO has a Ticket Template that can’t be shared between departments (kind of the point of a template). These are two examples of issues I’m experiencing in multiple platforms in ZOHO (We are using ZOHO One). I’m sure as I go on and keep digging I will find ways to overcome these short comings and hopefully they will continue to improve their product.

Ah I hear you @swilliams there’s always something right.

Did you reach out to support on this and they told you it can’t be customised?

Does seem weird you can’t have a global template eh?

Yes I worked with Arun on their staff. The workaround I found was to funnel all my new tickets into an overarching Department and that puts everything in one place. Then I can run reports on Products rather than Departments.

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