You Can’t Hide From Your Own Score – Why Lying Hurts You The Most – The Art Of Fore!

Golf and therefore life won’t let you hide from your own score.

You can tell others a score.
A made-up score.

And they may or may not be impressed.
Most of them will just relate your score to their own.

The problem you have though is you know.
You know when you lied.
And it saps all the power out of you.

Put it to the test.
Tell someone you made a better score than you did as you move from green to tee.
If they don’t question you fair enough, you got away with it.

Just see where your next tee shot goes as the power is drained from your muscles.

Watch it.
No way, unless you are some sort of Sociopath, Psychopath can you smash your next drive straight down the middle.

Try this to help prove it more.

Grab a friend for this.
Get them to stand in front of you.
Ask them to hold their arms out to their side level with their shoulders.
Now tell them you are going to try and push one arm down and they should resist as much as they can.
Before you begin to push down. Say tell me your name, your real name.
As they say their real name notice the resistance. See how strong they are.


Now do the same again.
This time get them to tell you their name is anything but their real name.
Get them to say they are called Mickey Mouse or whatever they want.
Just not the truth.
Basically, get them to lie.

Now see how much resistance they have as their muscles react to the lie.

It’s astounding. Nobody reacts well under a lie. So just don’t do it.
Live by the truth.

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