The World Is Full Of Losers Who Want To Take You Away From Your Dreams

It’s sad but it’s true.
Don’t give into people who have failed on their dreams and don’t have the imagination to find new ones.

Look at what you want. Search for what it is that you really want to happen and go for that.
Don’t spend a second worrying about the people you will leave behind.

They will say “why bother, you will fail” and there’s the sign you no longer need to give this person your time.
No need to be rude, no need to be offensive.

Just don’t text back so quick. Make your excuses when they want to go piss about somewhere again and don’t go.
Get on track to what you want to do.

The losers will sit around and talk about you for sure.
But they’ll all wish they were on your path too. With your desire and drive.

Trust me I know. Don’t let them hall you back to earth when you are chasing a dream.

I believed it at 22 and I believe it at 43.

If you are one of the losers holding someone else back then recognise that and push them forward.
You need to be the friend like in the video below.

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