Fake It Until You Learn It

The Art Of Fore — Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods

Faking it until to you make it may be one idea, but at some point you have to learn your trade, faking it takes a hell of a lot of energy.

Point in case. I was playing golf the other day and things weren’t quite clicking. Safe to say, I was a little out of sync with myself.

When I reached the 12th tee I thought “What would Jordan Speith be thinking?” It was the day after he’d won the 2017 Open, so that’s why he was my first thought.

I think the actual thought was something more like, just pretend you are Jordan Speith.

I stepped up, relaxed and sent one straight down the middle. It was funny to me, to just imagine I knew what I was doing was enough.

So that’s a quick fix but it’s not the answer. I’d have been better off telling myself to imagine a great drive that I’d hit before and trusted that thought.
Afterwards if I still felt out of sync I’d head to the practice ground and work, not thinking I’ll just pretend to be Jordan Speith on every shot. I’m headed to the range after this post by the way.

Being able to imagine yourself as someone else, or your best self is a great skill to have and we should always be working on our imaginations, but damn it will sap your energy fast.

That’s a lot of thought that in golf and life you really don’t need. The better you get at something the simpler and fewer thoughts you will need, once the work is locked in you trust what you’ve learned and go for it.

Fake it to until you learn it, is for sure a good idea to begin with though.

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