The Art Of Fore141 Videos

Do You Know Where You Want To Land?

Golf is a great teacher, and one of its biggest lessons remains. Where do you want to land. If you’re not careful it gets all wishy washy. I’m going that way as you waft a glance to the great unknown. You’re brain has no idea what you want. It searches for a target, a place […]

Are You Tired Of Who You Golf With?

I ask this question as I really understand in lockdown that family and friends are first. I’m a person who is always looking at the next thing, the next level, the next pipe dream. And then I stopped.And Realised. Never when I play golf do I wish I was playing with someone else. I am […]

The Morning After A 3 Putt

Diving out of bed and meeting the challenges of the day is always much easier after a great night’s sleep. You’re energised, ready, maybe you’ve slept on a problem and you’ve got your action plan. The flip side to that is rolling out of bed with no motivation and a really bad headache. It’s the […]

The Day You Fall In Love With Your Own Golf Game

We’ve been there. We try the gimmicks, we try to be someone else. A faster swing, weird ass motion or some boring tactic to get the ball around the course. But there’s no point fighting it. You can’t be another golfer. The happiest days are when you nod to the golfing gods and say thankyou. […]

You Came Back Didn’t You

Do you remember your first time golfing, or anything that you’ve now done a thousand times – Maybe, maybe not right? One thing is certain, you came back. If only we knew that at the nervous beginning. And yet we do know that don’t we? We know it gets easier. It gets comfier. It becomes […]

The Holes Are Long But The Rounds Are Short

I straight up stole that title and idea from Gretchin Rubin. She talks about the days and years and she’s so right. We live in lockdown and it’s been some time, but we will be allowed out soon and we’ll all look back at these times as a distant memory. Just like our best and […]

The 18 Holes Of Life

Golf is like life here’s why.  Holes 1 to 5You are just starting out the possibilities are endless, your potential is unlimited. The score has been refreshed and it’s a whole new day.   Holes 6 to 9 The round is in full flow and if it’s going bad there’s still a chance to save it. Get back […]

You can’t steal a golf swing

The modern world and especially social media is littered with people stealing content, stealing creativity, stealing someone else’s hard work.  A video goes viral and the world’s so-called experts think they can steal it. Use it for their own gains, own comments, own likes.  Take a browse around, especially if you are on youtube. See how […]