The Pain Switch – #HappyMeShow

Don’t hit the pain switch before you start doing what you want to do. In Episode 4 I’ll explain why I think people change and why they shouldn’t wait for pain to do so. Go for it starting now. Come and visit: My Website is: Visit My Free Training Website For More Lessons. […]

It's Easy Not To Bother – #HappyMeShow

Chasing goals is the extra mile you need to go to. You can achieve anything but I’m afraid sitting on the sofa and thinking about it doesn’t make it happen. The extra mile is a quiet road and millions of people sit and watch TV instead of chasing their dreams. If you want to be […]

Highrise Simple CRM 2018 Beginner Introduction Tutorial

Highrise Simple CRM 2018 Beginner Tutorial. IS the simplest CRM to learn and implement? In this video I’ll take you on a walkaround of the basic features of Highrise Simple CRM. Signup for my Highrise Simple CRM Training: Checkout Highrise Simple CRM: I’ll be recording more specific/shorter training videos about Highrise CRM soon. […]