You Are Better Than You Think

You are doing better than you think. You have come further than you think. You are still here, keep going. You’re not as ugly as you think. You can achieve anything you put your mind to. Trust in you. Trust your inner voice. Relax — Go Be You!

Targeting Still Works When You Don’t

You are not the one in charge of targeting. You are in charge of focus. Just like you aren’t in charge of breathing but you can change it. There’s always days when you will feel off, not with it.Those days when you don’t feel yourself. Luckily your brain is always itself. It knows the deal.It […]

The Easiest Way To Silence My Space Monkey

Is give it a beer. Yep. That’s a problem. During most days my space monkey can go to fever pitch at some point. The stress and strains of daily life drive it into the trees where it happily throws peanuts at me. Unrelenting on long days never ceasing. And on those days when the world […]