Why I don’t Celebrate A Good Shot. – The Art Of Fore – Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods

I’ve been meaning to address this question for a while and thought I’d give you the really quick answer:

Because I meant to do it.

There you go. Not enough?

Well I don’t celebrate the good shots and I try not to get to pissed off about the bad shots. The Rudyard Kipling line in his poem IF sums it up – IF you can meet with triumph and disasters and treat both imposters just the same.

Now I do celebrate a fluke, a 50 yard shot or a massive putt that drops in, but not the dead straight drives or the shots that hit the greens. I meant to do these shots and what happened is exactly what I planned to happen. So why is that worth getting excited about, confidence raising if needed yes but outwardly state changing no.

I’m looking for a score of less than 80, less than 75 really, so 1 shot out of 75 isn’t going to send me off course bad or good. I’m already on to thinking about the next shot, which is the only important shot in golf.

I’d equate it to this. Does a great chef celebrate when he makes the gravy for the meal or does he celebrate when the meal is finished, consumed and everyone there has enjoyed it?

Yes enjoy the good shots, like I do, but just let them reaffirm to you that you really are a rock star and you should keep going for it. It’s just one shot towards your massive goal, one shot steering you towards your dream, whatever that may be.



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