You Are The Guru Of You – The Art Of Fore! – Life Lessons From The Golfing Gods

Nearly every golfer I play with either puts up with their own golfing pain or they try to fix themselves. And they should!

The beauty of golf is only you can feel what is going on inside you. Only you can feel where the tension is or where you lose the connection with the club.

Are coaches good? Yes but most of them teach what they want you to know. They teach you fundamentals. They can’t teach you, or coach you, to feel different. How you feel will always be down to you.

All you can do is read the books, hit the range, watch the youtube videos and apply to your game what you connect with. Something at that moment in time will make sense to you and only to you.

You may watch a video that will fix your swing one day and it does nothing for you. The next day you watch it and something hits home.

Nobody else can fix you. It can’t be done. You have to connect with the feeling, understand the problem and then simply put your billion dollar brain to work on it.

You already know the fix, just get out of the way of yourself and do what you know to be the next step for you in your golfing development.

— That Was About Golf Right? —
You don’t need self help gurus. You don’t need to worry about the shrinks and other people who will claim they can fix you. Yes, get the books, watch the videos but always trust that you yourself know how to fix you.

Only you know how you feel. Nobody will ever be able to know or feel for you so they will only give you what they know works for them. Most people give advice that fixes them not you.

Trust the feel. You’ve got this.

Happy-Me is not someone else’s problem.



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