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How To Mass Unfollow On Twitter For Free – 2016
All you need is a chrome browser and this ext:

Paul Nicholson


YouTube Channel:
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  1. Wu-Kage

    Thanks mate I don't know what happened but some how I've ended up following about 1k worth of people without myself actually choosing to do so.

  2. J. Tantrum

    Yoooooo thanks man !!! Tweepi for some reason removed the flush away tool away but this helped a lot thankyou, imma follow you forsure , you can follow me back if you want @jaysintkr your dope man thanks.

  3. Tim Watkins

    Guys just manually do it because for some reason when I did this my account got banned from following people. This resulted in me having to create a new account. Lesson learnt: don't use third party apps which aren't related to twitter (made/created) ,and just do it the long way.

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