In 1980 YTV made a one off TV documentary titled Another Bloody Sunday, the TV crew followed Doncaster Rugby Football Club as they fought Sunday after another bloody Sunday to avoid going a whole season without winning a single game. There for the last four games of the season the documentary saw the team battle without success until the very last fixture of the season.

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  1. J. Al

    The greatest sport in the world is soccer. Every country worships at the altar of soccer. Every country loves soccer!! Its popular in 240 countries Rugby League however means nothing to most countries. Rugby league is only big in 2-3 countries. Practically almost every suburb in Australia has some soccer going on. The World Game is happening in your suburb. I will tell you in year 2150 soccer will be number 1 sport in every country.

  2. pascal fournioux

    C'est une page de sociologie sportive que j'ai fait venir en France pour une projection en 1989 à Grigny la Grande Borne. Bravo aux joueurs-acteurs et à Barry Cockroft ! Pascal Fournioux

  3. pascal fournioux

    Traduction: I ask Barry Cokroft to give me for a projection a copy. Thanks to Him. At that time I was in charge for RL' developpement in Paris and found of historic and sociologic aspect in link with our subburbs for league.
    Pascal Fournioux ( former Prop international in 80's and Level IV coach in Loughborouh in 1993)

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